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Stories of Jesus in the Quran


The God of the Bible is the Allah of the Muslims - Jesus is a prophet  - we don't associate partners with God. 


In Islam God has more than 99 Names


In every masjid in the world you will read 99 Names of God normally written inside the dome in the middle of the masjid – Our Protector, The Alva The Omega, Our Provider, Our Trustee – all the names Christians know.

Did you know that Muslims pray to the God of Abraham, Ismael, Isaac and Jacob? Ismael is the son of Hagar the slave of Sarah. God’s angel said to Hagar she must name her son Ismael – Genesis 16

Muhammad is born from the family tree of Ismael.

Abraham loved his two sons Ismael and Isaac the same. Ismael and Isaac also buried their father Abraham – Genesis 25

What I have learned through my studies of Muslims are the following:

There was and is no racism in the life of Abraham, he had a child with his wife Hagar and he loved his first born son Ismael. Yes indeed, the belief of Abraham has no racism and yet people do not want to accept Ismael in the Bible.

Ismael was the first born son of Abraham. Abraham took Ismael as a offer for God BUT in the Bible they changed Ismael’s name to Isaac – can you see the racism. Ismael was 14 years old when Isaac was born. If you read the Bible correctly you will find the mistake clearly. Read the page on the web - site "Muhammad in the Bible" 

Ismael is the first born son of Abraham and he is the beginning of Prophet Muhammad’s family tree.